Competition overview                        

Teams of students from around the globe analyze a case involving program evaluation.

Working in their home country, they prepare a written brief or slide show to convey their understanding of the key issues in the case and their recommendations for action.

The teams submit their analyses for judging by an international panel of experienced program evaluators.

The top-ranked team is proclaimed World Champion.

Benefits of the Competition

The competition contributes to the career development of participants. It offers a positive experience to coaches and supporters and helps advance the evaluation profession around the world ...more

Advisory Board

The volunteer Advisory Board is comprised of experts from around the globe who are interested in evaluation education and capacity development ...more


Three to five international evaluation experts are invited serve as judges for the competition ...more



The competition was initially organized by a group of credentialed program evaluators experienced in the design and delivery of case competitions ...more


The competition is made possible through the generous donation of volunteer time and effort, and in-kind contributions from supportive organizations ...more

Last revision January 2019

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